IT System
for your Business

We provide customized IT Solution to make your work-life easier. Unlock new achievement for your business with us. Our highly skilled teams help your business growth with our custom IT solution.

We provide system for Tracking Cloud Archive e-Conference Renting Online Booking e-Commerce Hotel Management SAP Custom

Hotel Management System

Manage everything from your front desk to financial reports in one comprehensive system.

SAP Implementator

With the expertise and experience of SAP implementation and consultation professionals, businesses can unlock the full potential of SAP software and achieve their goals.

Custom Business System

Custom made systems that fit your business needs.

Renting System

Our system organize inventories, clients, and renting contracts. 

e-Conference System

Our E-Conference System comes in to solve the offline conference problem.

Online Booking System

Booking from clients would be easier, faster, and organized using our Online Booking System. 


We provide digital transition from conventional store into digital one within one single solution called e-commerce. 

Cloud Archive System

The purpose of Cloud Archive System is to make filling documents easier and prevent documents lost due to environtment and time.

Tracking System

We build and maintain Tracking System for Logistic Companies accomodating its daily work neccesities.

Why choose

We schedule our solution into timeframes and do our best to meet the timeline or deadline. For us, time is a responsibilty.

We ensure our solutions come with great usability to meet the user experience required

We use the most recent technology on hand in developing solution for business. We consider needs and trends a similarity.

We consider security an essential for any of our solutions. A security feature in an IT Solution is a mandatory for us.

PT Hano Solusi Digital

PT Hano Solusi Digital is a Semarang based IT company which provides sophisticated technology to accomodate business process for your company.