Our Services

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Hotel Management System

The hotel management system is a comprehensive software application designed to streamline hotel operators’ day-to-day operations and enhance their guest experience. It offers a suite of modules, including reservations, check-ins, check-outs, room inventory, rates, billing, and reporting. The system enables hotel staff to manage administrative tasks with ease and make informed decisions about how to optimize their hotel’s operations. With an advanced reporting module, hotel operators can track occupancy rates, revenue, and guest satisfaction. The system is an efficient and automated solution that streamlines operations and takes the guest experience to the next level.

Tracking System

We build and maintain Tracking System for Logistic Companies accomodating its daily work neccesities. Our Tracking System has many features including live logistic tracking, invoicing, reporting, and many more. We integrate global information into our tracking system to provide real time and precise location of clients’ goods

Cloud Archive System

The purpose of Cloud Archive System is to make filling documents easier and prevent documents lost due to environtment and time. Organizations can easily upload and download files into the cloud system which also provides access limitation following the organization needs.

Renting System

Our system organize inventories, clients, and renting contracts. Every due time, the system will automatically generate invoice for each client and users can track each payment or overdue invoice. Our users can set renting price independently each items including daily renting price (or monthly).

e-Conference System

Due to a pandemic, many live events are canceled or delayed. Our E-Conference System comes in to solve the offline conference problem. Furthermore, our conference system has features to instantly send e-certificate (from the conference) to thousands and more of participants by simply clicking one button.

Online Booking System

Booking from clients would be easier, faster, and organized using our Online Booking System. Our system provide Booking management and scheduling for services or appointments. Users can easily manage Bookings and monitor booking reports for further data analysis and decision making.


We provide digital transition from conventional store into digital one within one single solution called e-commerce. Our e-commerce provides goods management, invoicing, until stocking. Business owner can easily manage goods availability or selling items and our system will provide the necessary reports.

SAP Implementator

SAP implementation and consultation services help businesses optimize operations and achieve growth by automating routine tasks, integrating data, and providing real-time insights for data-driven decision making. These services also offer ongoing support, including training and troubleshooting, to ensure the systems continue to operate effectively.

Custom Business System

Our company provides custom software solutions for businesses to optimize their operations and stay competitive. We design software applications tailored to your specific needs, offering scalable and adaptable solutions with customizable modules. Our user-friendly systems streamline processes and eliminate manual data entry to free up teams to focus on their strengths.